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Compufixit specializes in computer repairs, including Hardware and Operating Systems setup & configuration, cleanup and removal of viruses, malware or any other unwanted programs, computer parts replacement or upgrades, and many other general repairs. Need a small home network, Access Points, routers, or modems installed? No problem!

Don’t get frustrated trying to fix or upgrade your computer on your own. Trust Compufixit to do the work for you.

Your computer may be sick. When was the last time you had it checked?

The Internet can be a dangerous place. Irresponsibly surfing the Internet can have serious consequences, not only for you but for your wallet. Your computer may have malware or viruses tracking every move you make. They may be analyzing your surfing habits, placing advertisements on your browser, installing unwanted software, or recording your keystrokes, which is particularly harmful if you’re entering credit card numbers or sensitive personal data. Even your identity may be at risk. It’s time to schedule a cleanup if you can’t remember the last time you had your computer serviced.

A simple upgrade can help your computer feel like new.

Some older computers have mechanical components that may wear over time. Hard disks, for example, have spinning platters that can fail after a while. Your computer can feel slower, or even crash suddenly. The main problem with these components is that gradual failure of a hard disk is hard to detect because its symptoms can be similar to those of other computer issues, such as malware of a virus infection. These symptoms include file corruption, deterioration of PC speed, data loss, or even failure to boot. A hard disk upgrade to a solid state drive is relatively inexpensive nowadays. We can transfer all your profiles, documents, and directories with currently existing technologies to a new, energy-efficient, less noisy, faster hard drive. The sooner this is done, the better.

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We deliver quick and efficient estimates, which accurately inform you of your problem. We take the time to explain what your options are to solve it, and we provide the service to do it. Your estimate is free if you chose to have your computer repaired.

Cleanup and Repairs

We perform accurate and prompt repairs so that our customers don't spend much time without their computers. We offer several options to complete your repair, whether online via remote assistance, in the comfort of your home, or picking up / dropping off your device.

Installation and Maintenance

Do you need help installing or updating your Operating System, don't know how to update your computer, or have other programs that you want to install? We know that a slow computer is not productive. A device that does not work correctly is frustrating. Don't let your device be a paperweight.

Internet Presence

We can build full web pages, blogs, CV or résumé presentation pages, portals, or informative forums. We even provide hosting with your web pages if needed. We work with various Content Management Systems and page builders to provide a web page or portal that showcases your unique presence on the Internet.

Social Media Presence

If you need to make your presence felt on the hottest Social Networks, Compufixit can make it happen. We create profiles, pages, accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We manage advertisement, content, and engagement, or we can teach you how to work with them so that you get the best return for your money.

Computer Training

Compufixit offers an efficient tutoring service, which provides you with the necessary knowledge to be able to work with your computer or your smart device. Our tutorials are one on one, online or in-person, thus ensuring that you receive the best instruction on your devices.

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