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Now that you’ve had some time to take our services out for a spin, we’d like to ask you to fill out this short survey about how we did. Your answers will help us tailor our services to fit our clients’ needs. Please answer honestly and with confidence.

Oh, but our relationship does not have to end here! Feel free to reach out at any time; if you have a need for more repairs, need other services we provide, or just to say hello. We’re here to help whenever you need us.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank you for your business and your confidence in our work. We are honored that you chose us to be your technology partner!


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The technician who visited made me feel safe.

The technician provided sufficient information about the work being performed.

The technician kept me informed of the work performed.

Do you believe the work performed was worth the invoice charges?

Please let us know if you are happy with the amount you paid for the work performed.

Did the technician explain all the charges to your satisfaction?

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