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This Work Agreement (this “Agreement” or this “Work Agreement”), is entered into and made effective as of the signature date (the “Effective Date”) listed below, by and between the Customer, as listed in the section “Prepared For” (the “Customer”), and Hammed Silva, DBA Compufixit/ with the understanding that work will begin when the Customer signs and accepts this Agreement and Compufixit accepts and receives the completed form.


  1. Customer has a need for the services described in attached quote, also identified by the number below;
  2. Compufixit has an interest in performing such services for Customer;
  3. Compufixit wishes to set forth the terms and conditions upon which such services will be provided to Customer;

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, and the mutual promises herein contained, the parties hereby agree as follows:

Description of Services

As listed in Compufixit Quote or Invoice Number {as submitted below this text) dated {as submitted below this text) and accepted by Customer, with the understanding that any hourly quoted work is subject to change. No work will be performed until the Customer has accepted the quote listed above through our portal.

Quoted Parts Prices

If any, quoted parts prices and any taxes or shipping costs are subject to change due to market and/or vendor cost fluctuations. Parts Purchase may require additional quotes or current quote adjustments. Customer will be notified of such changes prior to the purchase of parts and is responsible for the approval of parts purchases or price changes thereof.

Hourly Quoted Rates

Hourly quoted rates are an approximation. The Customer understands that certain factors, including but not limited to the complexity of the work, the time to set up or procure tools, time taken to research, source and purchase any necessary materials, and the reliability of third party services (Internet Service Providers, Vendors, Shipping Companies, Web Hosting Companies, Retailers, etc.), can affect the estimated hourly quoted rate in the provided quote (listed above). Also, any changes to the original work initiated by the Customer may require Compufixit to adjust the cost. The Customer will be notified accordingly about any changes.

Quoted Monthly Maintenance Fees

If any, quoted monthly maintenance fees will be invoiced at the beginning of every month for the time the Customer decides to procure such services from Compufixit. These fees usually apply to web pages created in Third Party hosting web services or in Compufixit’s own Web Hosted portal. Such fees, if any, will be listed in the quote provided to and accepted by the Customer.


Compufixit can only be held liable for the extent of works carried out by Compufixit. No liability shall be accepted in respect of defects in existing installations or in respect of parts or services purchased from third parties by Compufixit to complete the work. Compufixit shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property, materials or injuries to individuals caused by the personal actions of the customer or other household members or guests before, during or after such works have been carried out.

Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is governed by the terms and conditions provided here and in the previously referenced quote or invoice. Unless explicitly agreed prior to commencement of work, payment will be due as follows:

  1. For services such as all related web presence creation services, hosting or any combination thereof, payment for half the quoted amount is required beforehand. The remaining quoted half, plus all extra charges stemming from any of the reason stated in the “Hourly Quoted Rates” and “Quoted Parts Prices” sections is expected upon completion of the work or services provided. Where a quotation has been provided, the full amount, less any payments already made, is payable. Where a quotation has not been provided, Compufixit’s agent will advise the customer of the amount due and will post a detailed receipted invoice.
  2. For repair, installation and other services, payment is due upon work performed. Compufixit will perform all work on systems, including hardware, software and installation, as requested by the Customer and as agreed upon by the signing of the agreed upon quote. Cost of parts will remain the Customer’s responsibility and may be required to complete repair works on systems or installations.
  3. All prices quoted for parts and services include sales tax at the appropriate rate. Vendors determine the tax rate for taxes and services, not Compufixit.
  4. Compufixit will attempt to collect a debt 3 times. All materials and goods supplied by Compufixit shall remain the property of Compufixit until the full invoice has been paid by the customer. After these attempts are exhausted, the customer agrees to forfeit the already paid amount to Compufixit. Compufixit will then determine how to proceed with the goods or services as Compufixit sees fit to recuperate the cost not paid by the Customer.

Acceptable methods of payment are:

  1. Electronic Payment through PayPal (preferred)
  2. Cash

Data and Signature

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. The form will not submit if there is no correct data in them.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, by the Signature below, the Customer has accepted this Agreement in its entirety, inclusive of the quote referenced above, to be duly executed and effective as of the Signature Date.

    Manually Signed / Digital Signature by Customer:

    Please verify once more that your information is correct. This is what will print in your copy of the Work Agreement. Click on the Submit button below when done. You will receive a copy of this agreement by mail.

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